The theme for Vacation Bible School this year was "Rome: Paul and the Underground Church". It was a great success. With the help of our wonderful Casas Adobes volunteers, the children enjoyed arts, crafts, education, and fun.


VBS2017 Day1

"Vacation Bible School attendee Josiah pals with Paul (otherwise known as George Gluski) on the first day of Vacation Bible School. The story of "Priscilla & Paul and the Underground Church" began Monday with Peter and other followers of Jesus plotting out how to spread the Christian word far and wide. The theme was "God’s Love Is A Gift." Josiah and the other young participants made pendants and bricks, played a game of shot put, and contributed to Heifer International."


DAY 2VBS2017 Day2
The best fish scales you'll ever lay eyes on! Only when Saul comes to understand he has been terribly wrong in his persecution of Christians do the fish scales get lifted on Day 2 of "Priscilla & Paul and the Underground Church" being presented at Vacation Bible School. Saul (played by George Gluski) announces henceforth he will be known as Paul and from that day onward will proclaim the Love of God. The theme for the second day of VBS was "God’s Love Changes Us." The young attendees made laurel wreathes and an abacus, played ball toss, and contributed to Keeling school supplies.


VBS2017 Day3DAY 3
Our enthusiastic crew of Vacation Bible Schoolers went to work on the third day of VBS to make crates full of cheese sandwiches (see them there surrounded by all the kids?) for the downtown Casa Maria soup kitchen. The day's presentation of "Priscilla & Paul And The Underground Church" featured the slave Tullius being given his freedom in the marketplace in Rome. Tullius soon reveals that in secret he has become a Christian. Although the growing group of Christians in Rome are afraid of being rounded up, Tullius quickly finds out that all of them aren't hiding in the catacombs. Some are right there with him in the marketplace. Wednesday's theme was "God's Love Is Always With Us."


DAY 4VBS2017 Day4
Psst, Pass It Along!
Christian followers Junia and Priscilla (who bear a striking resemblance to Jean-Marie Huisjen and Cynthia VerDuin) encourage each other and young Eutychus (VBS'er Amy) to pass along the stories of Jesus, on the fourth day of Vacation Bible School’s presentation of “Priscilla & Paul and the Underground Church.” Verbal story-telling was vital for telling about Jesus, his disciples and the role of women in the underground church. Thursday’s theme was “God’s Love Leads Us.” The kids made bracelets and a mosaic, played a game of jump & reach, and contributed to Youth On Their Own.


VBS2017 Day5DAY 5
Two dastardly Roman soldiers (known around church as Tom Goslin and Wes Ward) arrest a young thief (VBS'er Isaac) for stealing a loaf of bread on the last day of Vacation Bible School’s presentation of “Priscilla & Paul and the Underground Church.” Before long, the soldiers release the thief and go on to accuse Peter and Paul of being Christian ringleaders. The theme of the last day of VBS was “God’s Love Is Worth Sharing.” As the two apostles are marched off to face the authorities, the women in the marketplace shout their support and promise they’ll “keep sharing the Good Word.” The kids concluded a busy, hot, and very satisfying week by making scrolls and contributing to Desert Samaritans.


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