Taizé Worship Service

Taizé worship service in Tucson

Taizé is an alternative form of worship initiated in 2012 as part of the 2011 Strategic Plan for CACC-UCC.

It originated in France in the 1950s as a simpler form of worship, free from the usual trappings of Sunday worship. It has been embraced by Christians around the world. The unique service relies on meditative music, brief readings, silence, and meditation. There is no sermon. It is a service of prayer and reflection based on Taizé traditions.

People from all walks of life are welcome to participate. While members of CACC-UCC are certainly encouraged to attend, Taizé is part of the church’s outreach to the Tucson community. The program’s success will ultimately be judged by how successfully it achieves community involvement. People who have attended the services report that it has brought them closer to the Spirit of God. They appreciate the quiet time to meditate and reflect on their journey through life.

The program is self-sustaining and relies solely on voluntary offerings by participants. It is not supported financially by CACC-UCC.

Taizé services are held on the second Thursday of each month in the CACC-UCC Sanctuary located on Oracle Road in Tucson. The service begins at 6:30 PM and ends at 7:15 PM. Please join us in this unique spiritual experience!

Rev. John Angiulo, our Family and Education Minister, leads these monthly meditations.

Centering Prayer Group

Every Wednesday at 12:00 Noon in Room 1 on the Casas Adobes Congregational, UCC campus you are also welcome to join us for Centering Prayer. Centering Prayer is method of Christian meditation that has a strong emphasis on interior silence. It does not replace other prayer but encourages silence and deeper connection to the divine. People who practice centering prayer feel that it helps them to be more present to God and adds a sense of balance to their lives.


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